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Finding Beauty in the Challenges: Embracing the Complexity of Life

Is there anything in life that isn't hard, at least some of the time?

Parenting, walking, breathing, eating, falling asleep, working out, "showing up" online, giving yourself Grace (even though we give it to others freely!), pausing before reacting, continuing on towards the goal when it feels so far away....

Logically we "know" it's not about the experience, but rather about how you react to it and how you lead yourself through it.

As new business owners, as women who already hold so much responsibility, we still desire to make space and energy for ourselves, we still seek to become our highest self.

Even though it can be hard and feel like "one more thing" to do at times.

Going deeper than the SEO or hashtag-worthy words means looking beyond surface level advice or trends and really understanding the underlying principles and values behind them.


AND how do we stay connected to that reason, energy, supernatural MUST, when we feel weary?

Your insight into the importance of reactions and self-leadership is crucial. How we respond to events shapes our character and determines our growth. Challenges aren't just obstacles; they're opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

My favourite coach and mentor always says to become her, "You just DECIDE and then do it." It's been nearly two years of contemplating this concept for it to start to take shape, for me to embody this next level of self.

And so my message to you is this - USE your business to help you define your soul, to deeply discover who you are, your business is the playground for your soul.

It (your biz) is NOT a label, a standard, a category of you, your worth or your success.

It is a training ground to discover yourself and do the work to become your HER.

This allows us to shift perspective to use our business to help us develop our soul, rather than define ourselves by the business.

It's about finding meaning and purpose in the (eternal) journey of life, even when it's difficult. And one recent way I am leaning into the difficult, is just to let it be:

"Ok this is feeling really hard right now, I am tired, overwhelmed, behind etc. Ok, I feel it, so slow it down a little and work on the utmost key things and let my foot off the gas. Slow it down, soften and BREATHE. I am committed, I am not running out of time, it is safe to ebb and flow along the journey because it's all still moving forward every day."

And this has not been easy for me!

But it has been REWARDING in sooooo many other ways!

Once you let go, detach, relax, you increase capacity for creativity, for self, for reflection and quiet, and for more highly aligned action towards what you want.

It's quite beautiful!

This week, what can you let go of? What can you take OFF the table and deal with later? Give yourself more space and see what happens, and email me or comment below to share it!!!



I am one of many incredible, God lead Holy Spirit fuelled women participating in the "Challenges2Champions" Summit on April 8, 9 & 10, 2024.

I am speaking on April 9/24 at 6 am PST

The Summit is FREE *or you can upgrade to keep the session for life and access other amazing value

We are sharing our stories of overcoming challenges and creating solutions, growing ourselves and forging on, because we just have to, need to, must see what more awaits even when (Ha, per above) it seems impossible.

("It always seems impossible, until it is done" ~ Nelson Mandela).

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