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where to start as a start up!

Guess what ALL businesses have in common? 


We have all been STARTUPS. No one opened a mega million dollar business on day one. And the journey to get there happened with strategy, partnership and I sure as heck hope with LOVE AND FUN. Why would you want it to go any other way? 

So what does that future vision look like to you? And how does it feel to START and create until it is in front of you. What will your startup journey look like? How will it feel?


You could go at it solo, you could try to be everything/all the roles and push yourself to the brim, you could try to just figure it out. 

Or you could build it from DAY ONE in the LOVE and FUN vibe of what you want it to be “someday”. BUT honey, there are 7 days in a week and someday isn’t one of them (*Benny Lewis).

Why build it now to be something later? Why not enjoy the entire thing from the start! 

  • With love, support, fun, results, community. 

  • With loyalty, comfort, encouragement, structure. 

  • With a partner who is there for YOU and your business. 

  • With a woman who creates magic when she enters your energetic aura. 

  • With someone to share the responsibility, who won’t take away from your business but add to it, be on your side for your honest to goodness best interest (and that of the biz).


Two-gether we create so much more than we ever could on our own. And in doing so, we serve those who need us, who are waiting for us, we serve them NOW.

And then we turn it around and serve it to those who are coming up behind us. We pave the way.

For more, for more of us to step into our truest self, because we need to and because others are asking us to. 


Thing is, who you are now and the business you are starting is ONLY the beginning, only the first step into the greatness that is to come, you are pure, new, and vulnerable and perhaps a little unstable but oh so willing and committed to doing this…. 

You know you need the support to get started properly, to have help and the kind that helps; not adds more work. 


To have someone to share magic with, to celebrate, to co-create, to merge with…..that guiding light that will keep you going and break down the journey into bite sized chunks…


You don't want to be fake, superhuman or a one stop shop for ALL of it…. 

You want to work with love, fun and purpose, to build a business that truly becomes its own entity, that can be sold in a ready hand off (turn key as they say in Real Estate), that can hire staff / team with ease and training to make it easy. 


To give yourself the Future CEO Foundation you need to run this thing as the brilliance it is becoming, and the share in the journey of “raising a business” - the pride, the inside emotion and energy that only someone shoulder to shoulder with you can know…because she is part of it too, and part of you. 

TRUST yourself to share this journey, to find that person, that soul connection that shows you who you are, leads you thru the busyness of building a business, who holds space for your vulnerabilities, uncertainties and shit storms that come up and in this a community of others - at the same stage, safety, togetherness, being ok with being a startup, knowing that all businesses begin this way and together we grow an celebrate and then turn around and mentor others to show them the way…..


Be a powherfull CEO from DAY ONE until the last day. 

Why do it any other way!



Tools to make the starting easier now available inside Cat Griffin's

"Let's Get Digital Bundle" open until Feb 10!

The Core Four - 4 key systems to running a business as a startup solopreneur.

Everything is a system, why would your business be any different? Establish a rhythm between all the biz elements so they sync up and feed off each other!! Its easy, its customizable and its fully supported for you, with me! The Core Four are: CREATE SELL SERVE REPEAT We build out each of these together so that you can hammer out on sales and service without getting stuck in set up and searching for the goods! How it works / What you get: 4 folder system to organize your offers, marketing, customer service and strategy​ Each folder has between 2 to 15+ templates to establish the foundation of the business department THAT WE BUILD TOGETHER Training videos for each folder *Group Forum to interact with me and others in the program

Trinity - threading together the heart, body and business so that you can discover your true purpose, embrace self-love, and unleash your inner entrepreneur. The program for new female business owners hungry for empowerment and business skills.

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