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the end of the google drive nightmare!

Oh my god I just want to get on with it, what is all this crap!!!

What the f**k are all these files???

Where the f**k is THAT FILE!!! 

Oh my god this file is sooooo old!!! 

Which copy I was using again?

I need my headshot and my bio again, I know I had it!!! 

Out of storage space again!!!! $$$$$ Here you go Google!!! Damn you. 

I wish this was more organized.

But I hate organizing my drive and wouldn't even know where to start!

It's too overwhelming. 

I am the only one using it for now.... maybe one day a VA could help me with this

How am I going to hire anyone in this mess? I can't even find my way around. 

I give up, I have to make sales and serve clients. I don't have time for this!

Holy Shit!

This Canadian Chick is a wizard at cleaning up the Drive?

She is a born organizer? And LOVES to do this?? (Is she "ok"?!!!) 

And she will do it for me? 

Organize my disaster into 12 beautiful folders with no stray files? How is that even possible!!!!

YES YES YES Please!!!!!! 

treat your office to the powherfull makeover!

In a week's time I will transform your Google Drive from Chaos to Clarity. My 12 folder system makes it easy to find files, sets naming conventions, removes duplicates and DECLUTTERS the energy and the effort in your business office. 

Let this "powherfull maid" come into your online office and make it sparkle!! Everything will be so much easier, spacious and ORGANIZED!!! 

how it works 

We meet by Zoom and you give me a virtual tour of your office. Help me understand how your brain works a little and what you are currently doing when you log in. 

Share the drive to me and I will generate the 12 folder system and start filing away, cleaning up duplicates, renaming files and grouping them. 

I don't delete anything - rather I will place items in an Archive Folder for you to review. 

imagine a clean, elegant and catalogued drive!

  • Done for you.

  • Done by an expert organizer!



  • Serve More! Sell More!

  • New habits = more spaciousness in business admin and execution!

  • No more wasting time looking for files. 

  • No more digital clutter. Your business now serves you so you can serve others. 

  • Streamlined, beautifully arranged, easy to find by category. 

  • Access, find, execute! 

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