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Client Testimonials

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With my tendencies to be all over the place, jumping from lily pad to log, Mia is the force that is always bringing me back to the pond. 

She keeps me focused on the goals set out - with enough flexibility to allow the goals to change or shift as they need to.

My pace is a sprint and there are few people in this world who can even keep up - let alone be two steps ahead like Mia is. 

Yes, you ARE invested in my business and that is what makes it work; I can't imagine having survived some of the things that have come up without you being there! In fact, I can't imagine running my business without you.  You've always had my back, kept me organized and been there for me and my business. Don't ever leave me!!

Mia has become a trusted confidante, mentor and friend. She is a great advisor, inspiring myself and others to reach for the top. She's been an asset to my business community with her corporate connections, positive attitude and coaching.  She's able to connect authentically with passion and purpose with everyone in the room


Mia's name was the first in my spreadsheet when I started my search for an Online Business Manager. There was an energetic pull towards each other and after multiple interviews with others my intuition knew she was the one. 

Her expertise and firm but kind approach with my team has been a Godsend, and I could not have survived some of the ups and downs of the last year without her. She is loyal, committed and fun!

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