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Get your FIRST CLIENT(s)

By using your business as the playground for your soul

Are you a female solopreneur, navigating your way through building a business, finding your purpose and connecting to yourself and others in a supernatural and love filled way? 

As women, we try to find, define and become ourselves through purpose and passion, by creating a business.   The trick is not to fall trap to our worthiness being determined by the business.

Do not define yourself by your business.



We are the portal for the work, and the actual benefit we receive is WHO WE BECOME as a result of connection, self awareness, love and impact. 

This happens outside the business as much as inside, and fostering a harmony between these worlds, these “pieces” of life is the true goal…..


Harmony with self, with family, in relationships, in boldly saying YES to experiences you want to have, and in being open to experiences you didn't think you wanted. 

It's being ready to receive from the unknown. Being open to the supernatural. 

This is the journey of TRINITY. 


Anchor in to your wisdom, to your truest life force. Learn to listen inwardly and open your access to your intuition. 


Purify the stickiness collected over time and remember why you were created. Come back to the energy of YOU as came into existence in the womb. 

I will guide you in unconditional love, emotional intelligence and embodiment of your powher.


Your body is a container. Connecting the mind, heart and body allows you to FEEL and to RELEASE the frequencies running through you. 

We will play with different ways to activate the body, move energy and increase nervous system regulation so that we can acclimatize to our ascension. 

Disclaimer - dancing, laughing and planking will be involved!

Screen Shot 2023-11-16 at 7.25.09 PM.png


Connect to expressing yourself in your business while allowing the business to become separate from you. You are not your business, you are the woman running a business. 

Tutorials and projects on how to run your business, what to focus on and build momentum.  

Let's create a better version of what you have by turning off the internet noise and working with who you are. 

Trinity is a 3 x 3 x 3 Program (3 modules, 3 sessions per module, + 3 bonus sessions), taught live on Zoom with bonus guests, events, workbooks and other creations as it comes through me and into existence. 

The energy behind, waiting to be released is MAGNETIC. And if you've listened to my podcast, you've heard me say it time + time again - when a Coach or Mentor is in an uplevel and you get into that vortex, you can't help but uplevel too. So get in here, join the collabrapreneur movement, make lifelong friends, step outside your safety zone and say yes to more......

  • More You

  • More Love

  • More Fun

  • More Growth

  • More Clarity

  • More Authenticity

  • More Boldness

  • More Service

  • More Receivership!

Features (Lifetime Access including new material as this evolves)


Weekly Homework


Private Community with direct access to all the coaches







Podcasts + Book Recommendations


Wrap Up Party + Whatever else I decide to add!

Special Guests in Each Module

I am leading a REVOLUTION. 

I have invited 3 special expert women to join me in this coaching program to share in our wisdom and to truly co-create MAGIC for you.

This is the next level of collabrapreneurship. 

There is ENOUGH for all of us. 

My Guests are fully available to you. Because I believe we all need to find who we need to find. It's about getting there, not about who gets you there.

Meet the Guests

It's a no brainer. 
This is the right time with the right women!
And yes darling, you are one of us!

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