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The Core Four

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The Core Four program gives you a quick and effective business makeover to get your offers, marketing, client delivery and strategy in order. It's the fastest way to clean house and get back to serving your audience while still taking care of the necessary business operations that support the CORE of your business. Create: Set up your "store". We go through your offers, price them, describe them and thread them together for your client's journey. From freebies to higher priced offers, we will establish the framework and the results you have you for your tribe! Sell: MARKETING! I love this one so much and my intuition will bring such a boost to your messaging, your purpose and your audience. We work on key phrases and themes of your business, ways to grow your following, collaborating with others to be seen as an expert, having content inventory for general service and for offer promotions. We also create a calendar of what's going on in your biz so you what to say, when and why! We have a blast with creativity and building confidence in you and your message! Serve: Getting your customer journey house together. Have you ever experienced 5 Star + customer service? Doesn't it make you feel SO GOOD!? Don't you want your clients to feel this rush of luxury and love from saying yes to you? We will make the delivery of your offers so delicious for your clients, we will spoil them and love on them with easy onboarding and surprises so they feel appreciated, supported and fall more in love with you. This is truly one on my best magic talents, nurturing and loving on people! I will walk you through the set up, the way you want it to work, making sure its super easy and repeatable! Repeat: The "strategy" part. What worked, what needs tweaking, how did the audience react, what offers went well and what went sideways. We look at the overall business performance and YOU (how it impacted your lifestyle, your time, energy etc) and set forth the next steps to repeat!

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The KISS Method Core Four

The KISS Method Core Four

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