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The KISS Method Core Four

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The KISS Method is simple, intuitive and strategic. Keep It Super Simple!!! We are going to get you organized without feeling suffocated. Everything is a system, why would your business be any different? Establish a rhythm between all the biz elements so they sync up and feed off each other!! Its easy, its customizable and its fully supported for you, with me! The Core Four are: CREATE * SELL* SERVE * REPEAT We build out each of these together so that you can hammer out on sales and service without getting stuck in set up and searching for the goods! How it works / What you get: *4 folder system to organize your offers, marketing, customer service and strategy​ *Each folder has between 2 to 15+ templates to establish the foundation of the business department THAT WE BUILD TOGETHER *Training videos for each folder *Group Forum to interact with me and others in the program *Email prompts and accountability as you progress through each module Invitation to my Collabratory FB Group where we figure things out together and co-create to grow our businesses in community! Long term invested success for you - this isn’t one and done, this is about setting a new stage to start from so that it's easier to keep going and keep growing!!!! YOU GET ME - a wise and funny organizer who can feel into you and your business and help you get out of your own way to add momentum to your business and to yourself

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