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Who Are We

Big Love Session

Solopreneur: a burnt out bad ass doing it all herself 

Too many decisions, too close to the subject, tired, weighed down and lonely

Imagine having someone to cheer you on, see from a birds eye view and bring clarity to the chaos

That's what our powher hours are! Weekly sessions to declutter your brain, track your tasks and lay strategy for more focused execution. 

Save time, feel lighter, have support and a shoulder to lean on! 

What's included

  • 4 sessions at a time (buy by the month)

  • 60 minutes on Zoom to brain dump and get clear / keep track of the moving pieces

  • Populating a 12 month strategy map to see into the future and bring it to life

  • Ease, support, encouragement and new ideas

  • Help with making decisions

  • Neutral point of view on what actions to take, how and when

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