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Five Star Client Service

Five Star Client Service

Excluding GST/HST

Customer Service is what I LIVE for. It might be because of my people pleasing tendencies, or early years working in restaurants and with horses (camps). It's just something I am so passionate about and love to give the best I have. Actually its probably because of my big heart and wish for more love in the world. Help people feel good, everywhere, all the time. 


In this module, you will receive an orientation to the client journey along with some templates to customize. We will then book a call to talk about your client care needs and build out the system to give the Five Star White Glove experience you want them to have. I will work with you to create and implement a beautiful "treatment" for your tribe. Get raving testomonials and treat them like the Goddesses they are while making it easy for you to do over and over! 

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