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The KISS Method's
Core Four

The KISS Method offers an easy, effective approach to running your own business, saving you time and energy. And sparing you *some* of the emotional turmoil!

In this video, I will show you 4 key elements to focus on and how to thread them together for a coordinated result (i.e. ease, clients, money!)

This framework is designed for the female solopreneur, who is doing it all and figuring it out along the way. 

Rather than try to do all the things, you will see what things really matter for creating results;  making it easier to build momentum and grow your business.

The KISS Method helps you gain focus and clarity, while also encouraging habit building.

Be your own bootcamp instructor, reduce decision making and get to the good stuff!


Business Woman

i want to k.i.s.s. my biz!

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Here for the Underdog!
I got you, Babe!

For the woman who is working her butt of, trying to figure out how to run a business among all the other roles and responsibilities of life. 

For the woman is running the show on her own. 

For the woman who has decision fatigue and is gonna SCREAM if one more person promises an overnight success magic trick.

As an Online Business Manager, Chaos Care Bear and Glitter Glue to your Hot Mess, I hold a LOT OF LOVE and structure to guide your creative expression. I call it the "Dude - FOCUS!" factor! 

The Core 4 is an easy system to get the momentum churning so you can grow your business without getting overrun. 

I am an endless source of wisdom, jokes, solutions and fresh perspectives to help keep you going and growing xo


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