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Marketing & Social Media

Marketing & Social Media

Excluding GST/HST

If you "struggle" or resist your marketing, this is the one for you. 

Folder structure and templates to shift the energy with your message AND make it easy to just grab some good content to post. 

Keep your brand kit at quick access, write out your key messages and phrases, keep a running doc for "free writing" to generate content inventory, collect photos for posting, and more. 


Lay it down, create the foundation, GIVE YOURSELF EVIDENCE AND A FRAMEWORK from which to operate. If your flow isn’t always flowing, this is for you! 


Come and see how much you actually have to say, make it easy and set it to repeat, sharpen your skill, increase your fitness, and sell your dang business my love!!!! I KNOW what you created and have to offer is magical, so let’s make sure ITS EASY FOR YOU TO TELL THE WORLD about it!!!!! 


Video, Folder Structure, Templates

Also includes 10 days of support to create and INTEGRATE with ME!!!

(I might say 10 in the video but update - its 14 days! I will help your bring out your messaging). 

FB direct message

IG direct message 


Content delivered upon purchase, email sequences of support to follow!



  • ZIP File

    Video and GDrive folder + templates inside! 

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