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Three Women

powherfull circle session

A circle is a place where we can simply BE in a safe, non judgment, non selling, non fixing place, with a guided practice tuned in to earth and to each other.


We do not judge, try to fix or solve or give advice. We listen, we hold space for each other and we can remove the veil we carry to release ourselves of all we quietly hold in (if you so desire). To stretch from the confines of the doing we are so conditioned to. There is no expectation, no “rules” or must do’s, other than to witness one another, sit quietly with your soul in communion and invoke sisterhood with others. 


To sit in circle is to allow space for your most true self, your deepest whisper of self, to be seen and to be expressed.  

Step into WHO YOU ARE!

As a woman made to nurture, to hold space, to create safety, my circle archetype* is The Mother, my money archetype** is the Nurturer, and my love language*** is Acts of Service. My entire composition is built for love, safety and release. My capacity to support you, to connect us and to create a truly Divine Feminine experience is all here.


And I set myself free as I do so. I release into more and more of who I truly am. That is something I do not wish to attempt alone. Circle brings all of us into this spaciousness, in a held space to ground into.

* “The Mother”: 
(As the MOTHER, You are a safe space. You are here to help people feel seen, heard, and valued. )

**Sacred Money Archetypes 

*** Love Languages

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