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KISS your business back end

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Hey Beautiful Business Owners,

I think YOU'RE HOT!

  • H humble in your gifts of service

  • O obedient to your vision, purpose and HER

  • T talented beyond measure to bring to life the gifts you have to share and the life you desire

And I would love to ensure you get to shift / tweak / play in your business the way you thought this program could help you do so, so how about we have a biz back end party! A Zoom call to network, get an overview and work through some of the painful pieces of the operations. It's better when we do this two-gether!

Hello beautiful ladies!

I would love to hear your feedback on this training. Its based on my work with creative CEOs, but it comes to life when we apply it to YOU and YOUR business.

I am an organizer and would love to be of service to you in simplifying an area of your business. This space is our coaching / problem solving space, so please use it as such.

And if you want to meet in a group zoom, let's do that. It can help uncover problems when we just start talking and connecting xo




What offer do you want to promote in Feb and SERVE people with. What do you have ready to go and what needs more "work" - I don't mean perfection, I mean tactical steps so the client can buy and receive and connect with you.

February 3, 2024 · joined the group.
Mia Frankl
Mia Frankl


When you're new to running a business, I'm here to help you ...
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