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for the Woman Who Is 

  • Starting out her business and wants to build it the right way, right away. 

  • Overwhelmed by the internet and all its promises for overnight success

  • Who doesn't feel heard or seen as a startup

  • Just wants it to be simple and effective

  • Wants to work with other women

  • Wants to grow in a community

  • Has a pure heart and mission to share with the world

  • Needs a little help figuring it all out

  • Is so over being a "solopreneur" and ready for something more

For the Woman Who Wants 

  • To build a strong business from the start

  • To have support and strategy to help navigate the emotions and responsibility of growing a business

  •  To do now what her future self would do

  • A witness and partner to share the load with 

  • To have fun, make money, be effective and lean into pleasure over pressure from day one to the last day! 

Field Walk

Welcome to powherfull inc

where female startups START!

Building your business, as a team of one, can be as easy or as hard as you make it.



  • I lived far too long in the realm of hard. 

  • Over-planning, overdoing, late nights, missed events, no social life, tired, stressed and working far too much.


  • Instead of actually building my dream in aligned purpose, I was just working more for other people's dreams.  

Well, I already have a JOB!

I want a BUSINESS. 

Somewhere, somehow I received a glorious download on switching how I run my biz and make it work for me. AND ITS BEEN EPIC!

​While working full time, dealing with a child that stays up til 9:30 pm or later every night, having no team members and still having a social life, I was able to:

  • Launch a podcast that strips back all the bells and whistles and talks about what we don't see online, it's sincere, relatable and real. 

  • Create + maintain engagement in a very different type of FB Group for female startups that is all about behind the scenes of growing a business.

  • Lead a movement of COLLABRAPRENEURS - women who work together on their business,
    co-creating, celebrating, sharing, supporting, problem solving, all of it. 

  • Revamp my ENTIRE BIZ STRUCTURE + OFFERS to fit into my life, versus fitting my life around my biz.

It may all sound cliche and overdone with the internet going on about this stuff, but I think the more we talk about it the more we can change it, for all of us.


After all - what's it all for?

Purpose, meaning, connection!

So if your business is running you over, Baby I have got you covered. TRULY, if I can let go of hard and structure yet still accomplish all that I want and more, you most certainly can too + you will!

Ways to Work Together


The KISS Method Core 4

​A program to establish the four key areas of your business in the simplest way possible!

  1. Create - what are your offers?

  2. Sell - where and how do you make the offer?

  3. Serve - what happens when someone buys from you?

  4. Repeat - what is working, what is next, what needs to go!


The KISS Method Intensive

Building off the Core 4,

the Intensive adds 8 more business functions to complete

the package. 

  1. Mindset (powherfull YOU!)

  2. Create

  3. Sell

  4. Serve

  5. Repeat

  6. Admin

  7. Dream Team

  8. Money Honey

  9. Legal / Contracts

  10. Process

  11. Website

  12. Collaborations!


Mini KISSES - Solo Modules

Choose a standalone module from the  Intensive:

  • Mindset (powherfull YOU!)

    • KISS YOURSELF!!!!​

  • Dream Team (Hiring)

  • Money Honey!

  • Collaborations


I think we have a tendency to

  • Hesitate on trusting what our gut is telling us.

  • Keep dreaming about our dreams without action.

  • Think we should be able to do it all by ourselves. 

  • Let ego lead instead of the soul or higher self because its more familiar.


We have met by divine purpose and the world needs what we can deliver together;  a powherfull dynamic of the feminine (creative) and masculine (structure) energies to grow the business of your dreams, at a steady, manageable pace.

The powherfull system is empowering and minimalist, intentional and strategic. 

We build the business "house" and rhythm of the four key elements: Create, Sell, Serve + Repeat, organizing you and your business in a fulfilling flow.  I will always bring you back to "what serves the business" over the long term.

I am here to be your guide, source of comfort, your confidant and your cheerleader.  Your success is my success as we combine our talents and abilities to create a sustainable and profitable business. 


I love you, I have got you, and you can do this!!! 

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