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Hold your WORTH above your wounds

It didn't matter when you were five.

Will you hold onto it until you are 95?

Shit happens to all of us, in a variety of forms, intensities and lasting trauma. But our resilience and desire to still love, live and grow is the difference.

And the difference within it, is CHOICE.

Is personal responsibility.

Is willingness to be vulnerable, honest and uncomfortable until change acclimatizes. While holding yourself throughout the journey, with practice, tools, support and GRACE.

You are (most likely) born from love, here is your encouragement to stay in the frequency of love more often than not.

Reflect on:

  • What is YOUR spectrum of “self love” - what does it mean to you?

  • Why do you want to love yourself more? 

  • Think of ways you will encourage yourself in this journey

  • Consider a few “emergency support” systems for the low times

  • What does unconditional love look like to you

    • to give

    • to receive 

Give a listen to this podcast where the incredible Danielle LaRose and I talk about self compassion along the return to worthiness.

Reflect on these prompts and ideas, journal, talk it out, ruminate in your mind. Spend time going deeper with yourself to see what you find, as a continual practice.

Recognizing Ego:

  • where are you reacting from

  • how quickly are you reacting

  • why are you reacting this way

  • how long does the reaction go on, after the event is over!

Recognizing WORTH:

  • did you listen + process prior to responding?

  • do you feel secure in who you are

  • are you engaging with or responding to

  • Layers of Calm + Connectedness

  • heavy ground energy versus reactive hyper energy


You deserve to feel the incredible beauty and awe of your magic.

To live in positive emotions more often than not.

To know your purpose and unique ability to connect with others.

To have fun and feel peaceful.

It's here for you, it may seem abstract or uncertain at first,

but once you start this journey you won't want to stop.



I have TWO of my signature courses in the "Let's Get Digital Bundle" until February 10th.

The Core Four Program - Available for FREE

Core 4 is all about business simplicity. As women (and men!) we tend to have a full plate of responsibilities. Creating a business should be fun, easy and manageable. What I have learned from working with creative CEOs and busy moms or "side hustlers" is that in order to stick with it, it has to be easy.

In Core 4 we focus on building out your offers, your messaging, the client delivery + experience, and then REPEAT.

This program has videos, templates, and group coaching where we can explore and problem solve together. There is also pop up zoom calls to network, screen share to provide tutorials and actually create the necessary items so you can get your first clients faster.

AND TRINITY - Available through the paid bundle option ($77 for this and dozens of other incredible offers)

You might have noticed I am slightly obsessed with this one because it is so good! This is the healing and foundational program to entrepreneurship. You've heard all the memes about the roller coaster, but it's only a roller coaster if you choose that frequency.

Instead, thread together the heart, body and business and lead from a grounded and clear sense of self. Take care of you, know who you are and why you want to serve. Focus on the supernatural talents you have and connect heart and body as you build your business.

This is a 3 x 3 x 3 program, self paced, with group coaching and any pop up zooms as I decide, with special guests for Heart, Body and Business. Because I want you to succeed and experience what you need to in order to grow!

(And this bundle has a ton of special extras to come, adding more value and access to the contributors! Cat Griffin is one of my most favourite bundlers! And I am sure you will feel the same way too when you dive in!)

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