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A two figure day!



Are you seeing the same sensational posts I'm seeing all over the online coaching space?

"$5000k in 30 seconds"

"From zero to millions in a week"

"Retired my husband in 6 months"

I LOVE celebrating wins, calling in money and divinely created abundance.

But I don't love sensationalism.

So today I say NO to all that and share with you A TWO FIGURE SALES DAY!!!! Yup, under $100 (one hundred) in sales!!!! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ž





Means ONE woman, THE woman who needed me that day, at this time in her life, received what she needed. And came into my space. My heart. My service.

And now we can journey together, make magic together, grow and expand together annnnnd

It also means what I'm doing are the right things, they are working and my biz is growing.

"Sales" made literally in my sleep, payment portals working, automatic deposits working, courses delivered, woman and Mia connected. All of the functions behind the scenes are firing and the front facing magic and serrrrrrviiiceeeee in my heart is also working.

That duality is amazing

That duality is creating impact and transformation

That duality created a two figure day, which is just as important as a 700 figure day (๐Ÿคช) because on that 2 figure day, SHE WAS SERVED, HELD AND SUPPORTED.

And isn't that what it's all about!?


Now..... Holy Spirit Fire!

The powherfull inc habits playbook experience is HERE!!!!!

This tool will transform you from indecision, uncertainty, disorganized chaos to calm, spacious and focused...

It's all sooooo clear and coming your way like a miraculous relief and comfort to the angst, the tired, the done with feelings of solopreneuring.

The powherfull Habits PlayBook Experience starts June 1, 2024.

90 days to build habits grounded in key life areas, with "choose your own adventure" style of the actions to take.








Healing & Expansion through powherfull Habits!

90 days.

Live Zoom every 10 days.

Private FB Group

Community, Fun, Connection, Bonuses & Surprises!

We will observe ourselves, make more intentional choices and establish a platform from which to act and move towards what we say we want!

Overcome yourself to become yourself.

Payment Plan ($188 for 3 months)

Pay in Full ($497)

Help is here and it's freaking awesome!!!!!

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