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About Disneyland

In 2019 my husband and I started to talk about a family trip to Disneyland.

At that time we had a 9 year old and a baby, and sure the baby would travel for free but she would also add a different layer of logistics and impact on the trip (and my experience of it!). So we didn't go in 2019.

We did however plant the seed. And over the years he kept asking "When are we going to go to Disneyland?" and over the years I worked on the vision of taking our family to Disneyland, CASH PAID IN FULL. And life went on.

In the fall of 2023, at a kids birthday party, my "baby group" moms and I were chatting away and Disney came up. (Monica is our designated Disney-ite!). We even ventured to suggest a group vacation and aim for (the Canadian) Thanksgiving in 2024. A year away.

I was excited and I LOVE a group vacation, so I said yes, but inside I had doubts and no money for a "Disney Trip"! But I said yes, one more yes closer to the dream. And then, I renamed one of my bank accounts to "Disney." Another step closer.

I still couldn't see HOW it would come to pass but I kept on with the vision.


At the end of 2023 we did Great Wolf Lodge, which was an easier and cheaper (than Disney) dream vacation. Great Wolf Lodge also brought us closer to our Disney Dream because it got us across the border with passports, planning the exchange rate and other travel logistics. But it cost.

Christmas came around, which cost. A trip to Mexico with my friends (adults only, women only) came around, which cost.

And Oct 2024 all the while coming closer, and my brain trying to figure out HOW we were going to make this happen. The Baby Group Moms started a Disney 2024 FB Chat.... and the planning really got rolling... I still couldn't see HOW it would come to pass but I kept on with the vision.


Rather than wonder, God led me to review our 2023 finances. And I was able to really see where we spent money.

I saw how MUCH we spent......and,

I started seeing PROVISION more clearly, and HOW we can actually make different choices around bringing Disney into reality.

Change internally to create a new external outcome.

This is where DECISION was made and new clarity was activated. At Christmas, our new path was set. A contribution of USD was received and alignment was kicking into high gear. Then Monica really started blasting us with booking deals and websites, bless her heart.

On January 16, 2024 Monica posted a link in our group for a Disney Deal. I was TWO DAYS from leaving for Mexico, and facing my dream, without talking to my spouse or about the dates! My (our) dream was in front of me and I had to now either say yes, and just go for it, or say no and keep waiting for....? The how to show up?

Well obviously I said yes. I actually went first in our group and BOOKED the trip.... I put a deposit down ($300).

A HUGE step towards the dream, with a lot of the HOW still pending. The how matters less and less - detach - because when you do, you open up to possibility versus limitation.

The theme here isn't "how could she spend there and not towards Disney", the theme is

evidence of possibility and PROVISION and VISION. Decision AND Action. Aligned action towards the decision.


The HOW came, the PROVISION arrived. The dream actualized. We even have a healthy spending kitty and its only May!!!!

What just continues to blow my mind is that if Disneyland wasn't magical enough all on its own, it was just the mere fact of having taken a few little steps closer to realizing this dream, even just talking with those baby moms, has led to what a shaping up to be the most incredibly magical trip ever. From friends staying at the same hotel by chance, now some booking on the same flight, all our dates overlapping entirely, another teenager coming with us and its only May!

5 years ago.

5 years in the making.

5 years of not fully knowing when or where but knowing the feeling of DISNEY CASH PAID IN FULL. Oct 2024.


Stop looking for provision outside of what you already have

Stop Glamourizing provision as luxury

Appreciate the provision in front of you, right now.

The WiFi to read this, the device to read this on, that you can read, the place you're sitting, the clothes on you...

Parts of the online space have set expectations and pressures that distract and detract from WHAT IS RIGHT NOW.

Believe in the long game my friends, that is the frequency that will "get you there".... because you are already there.


Trinity is where you thread together your heart, your body and your business. Build the foundations in each to stay open, to stay expansive and create the life you deserve, while growing a business that serves you and serves others. Lead yourself with clarity, improve your emotional intelligence, connect to your body's intuition, and organize your business operations.

Trinity is for the new female entrepreneur who doesn't know where to start in her journey. You start here, setting the foundation for leadHERship, for authenticity, for decision making and aligned action.

You will emerge as a stronger, more connected version of yourself. Your ability to KNOW from a deep place of certainty will change the game and you will show up more confident, more consistent and READY for what you meant for! OX

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