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Allowing your soul to reNEW

I have been channeling strong frequencies of water and sunshine as of late. The messages contained within have to do with renewal, which was the theme for the January Women's Circle. I'd like to share some of that journey with you now, to breathe the spirit of renewal and expansion into your heart.

Start with considering a waterfall, picture one in your mind. The ground surrounds the water, providing stability and a platform for the water to flow.

The surrounding environment has a scattering of rocks, trees, grass, flowers..... There is likely birds singing, insects buzzing around and a variety of little critters. An interdependent community of life.

If the ground wasn't there to hold the water, well it would be a bit like us without gravity wouldn't it. The water would not have form, depth, nor would it be as big and able to provide for other life. It would just be spilling all over, thin and shapeless.

So let's apply this to ourselves. What is part of our supportive environment, that helps us be robust, full, and of service (and are you using it? (asking for help!) - what is available, even if not currently enacted!).

Contemplate in your own life and shed light into what your waterfall cycle looks like. What shapes you, what benefits from your presence and compliments it. What serves you to thrive and be of service to others. And I mean big picture full life...spirituality, relationships, family, self, work, recreation, finances, community.

Draw or write out a visual of your own waterfall environment. Make it tangible. Familiarize yourself to further understand and enhance your personal cycle. And then share with me or in the powherfull circles FB Group! Make it real!!

Here is a video of the reNEW Circle to guide you thru this reflection, and encourage you to connect beyond the efforts and attachments of "just you".


Isn't sooooo beautiful when someone shines your sparkle back to you!

It's even more magical when you can read it, OWN IT, and deeply agree.

Ahem when you TRULY RECEIVE those words as your truth and depth of self.

This is all so true, and so clearly summarized in Lori's experience of me.

We build ourselves and our business together.

Book a Big Love session with me to open your magic and share your spark with yourself first, then with the world! Because people are waiting on you to SHOW UP!

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