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case study: How to design an offer

Because I'm so passionate about making sure your run your business (and it doesn't run you) here is an assessment tool or framework to consider when you've got a new idea to take to market!

Parts of an offer

  • Cost

  • Content

    • Time (yours to deliver, theirs to consume!)

    • Duration (available for how long and or how long does it last)

  • Delivery

  • Support - is it buy and good bye? Or buy and ohhhh baby now we are connected for life!!!! How do you serve past the sale!!!

  • What's next, where does this lead to?

  • Extras

  • Promotion


How much will you charge for this?

Is the price worth the time it will take you to deliver:

1-1, in group, as a standalone.

How long did it take to put this offer together?

Consider these factors in your pricing.

The right people will pay, choose a price that pays you.



Content (Your time and their time with the offer)

Are YOU clear on what you will provide!!!!

e.g.: Self paced course, 1-1, group, do they need to schedule with you?

Know your parameters, manage your boundaries, and let yourself flow.

You can have something predesigned, something open ended, you can make changes as you go (add-ons are better than taking away!)

Give yourself freedom to serve without burning yourself out!!!

How long do they have the offer for?

Life? Group membership? Expires after X days / months?


What happens after they PAY YOU!

Automated email? Calendar Scheduler? Do you need to follow up direct?

How many clients can you manage at once?

How can you make it EASY for yourself!

It is so nice to send something to your new client as soon as they purchase, what do you have to honour them and welcome them into your world?

If there is an end date to the offer, how will you manage their deadline?


What is their journey with you like?

If they bought a self paced course, do they just get access and have at it, do you show up in their inbox or in a group to serve further?

How do you nurture the relationship on the inside?

What's Next?

Awesome, their first purchase/product is complete.


Can you get a testimonial from them?

Did you create a relationship?

What was the result, for you and them?

Are there more ways to work with you, or do they carry on without you? (both are fine! just consider the next step)


Do you want to include any extra products, extra access, pay in full bonuses etc to the current offer?

Can you do this without adding more work to your plate?

What do you have already that you might be able to leverage


Just we usually have a lot more than we realize, use it if you want to.


When are you going to offer this product?

How long will doors be open for?

Is there a "start now" date?

Do you have messaging ready to roll out and support a consistent promotion for 7 to 14 days?

Take some time to write and write about the product, let your creativity flow, make it easy so when it's go time, you have a lot of pre-made material to use.

PS - DOES THIS FIT INTO YOUR LIFE SCHEDULE? Maybe don't launch the week of back to school, or anniversary or before a trip.

There are so many things to consider, my best advice is to have YOU at the center of it all, what will work best for YOU.

What fits best into your lifestyle?

How do you want to serve and what work do you most love? (group, 1-1, prerecorded and engage in a forum or by email)

For me, when I was hitting hard as an Online Business Manager, it meant being in the business with the CEO + Team in live time. As a mom, with a job and limited time, this meant I was always on and HAD to log in all the time to keep things moving. It was a GRIND.

Now I have completely flipped the biz around and I put my life first. I set up systems to allow me to serve on repeat through digital courses with a group forum where I can engage when I want while being so fully present at the same time. The client can get going right away, access me directly and be fully supported without scheduling times and dates and other admin slow downs in the way.

So where can you make it easier in your business, from what you have been doing or think you should be doing, to truly have something that integrates seamlessly with your life. How portable can you make your biz, what structure can you let go of or add to support YOU in supporting your clients?!

This is what The KISS Method is all about.





Building a rhythm and gaining momentum while





Because you are ONE person, so bend the biz to you, not vice versa!

Comment or message me with your questions, I can help you restructure something that is weighing you or your biz down!!


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