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ever heard of spiritual expansion?!

How do you feed your SPIRIT, your soul?

What awakens the bottom of your being, fires you UP and drives your desire, your joy and fulfillment?


Do you even give yourself safety and space to open up?

Do you slow down your nervous system and "float" to allow for the supernatural to flow through you?


These are the words that come to me, through me, as I delve deeper into this practice. What's really fun for me is seeing what comes out. I can be curious and detached, just a channel or portal for the Divine to work through.


Is this making sense to you? Write me back, let's have a conversation or contemplation about these topics. What does it mean to you to let your spirit expand?


The thing that's been working for me is speaking! Of all things. This year I keep receiving offers to speak (God knows where, like actually!) and when I show up for the interview, I can't even - something takes over (Ok again and obvs for me its def God! ha!) and I can FEEL the certainty, the clarity of the message. IT FEELS AWESOME. I know I am not alone, but that I am being used for good, for impact, for service (I LOVE to be of service!!!)


I used to practice, rehearse, perfect, and sweat over speaking. Even just showing up to meetings in the previous versions of my online business.


But in slowing myself down and calming my nervous system, my spirit has had a chance to come out and play more. And I am loving it! Because its just an experience for me, not a doing or trying.


Case in point - my upcoming feature in the "Cut the Confusion" summit June 10 to 15 hosted by Liz Bloch


Liz would typically scare the crap out of me hahaha because she is confidence and certainty on fire, but instead, letting spirit lead, we had an incredible conversation on authenticity and simplicity and it was a beautiful combination of wisdom and wit on my part and focus and impact on hers.


So I encourage you to play in the opening, the expanding and relaxing of the mind and dropping into the body and the inner parts of your heart. Find what stimulates you oh so deliciously and invite "it" out to play.....Surprise yourself with what you find and how it fits into your world. And then be it, do it, share it!!!!


The Cut the Confusion Summit is one space where you may find the stimulation, the speaker, the connection to reveal to you the next step. I am shoulder to shoulder with some truly incredible, established entrepreneurs. One or more of us will push on you to get you more relaxed and open to more of who you are..... !!!!


Register, look at the speakers, pick the ones that pull on you the most and dial in hard.


Get to the work of being you in service to others!!!! 

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