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Finding your daily bread

If we were wild animals we would be so grounded in just taking one next step, one meal, one nook of safety, one moment at a time.

As humans, we collect stickiness over time and clutter our clarity; basic decisions become long, drawn out ponderings and insecurities.

In the practice of daily bread, it's one thing at a time.

Survival, beautiful simple and elegant.


Choose ONE THING today to feed your spirit, to grow your heart and to broaden your perspective.

One Step at a time is the only way to complete 10,000,000 steps. Thus, the practice of daily bread is the art of detachment.

CHOSE ONE THING, now, to serve yourself.

  • Close your eyes and breathe to 10.

  • Go hug someone you love.

  • Eat without distractions.

  • Walk around the block.

  • Take 15 mins and WRITE.

  • Do 10 squats.

ONE THING in the present moment to fill your heart, without an attachment to the outcome or a strategy in how it all fits together (coming from an over planning linking together woman here!!!).

These individual pieces will naturally fit together over time, by making true choices and actions one step at a time. It also makes it so much easier to digest and "keep up."

It is the journey of acclimatization to where you are now and making a choice to stay on that path, or redirect yourself back to it.

As a wild animal, the end game is to stay alive as long as possible.

As a human, the end game is to reach your highest potential. The how isn't important, the practice is. Sometimes its through business, but think higher.

Think from Your last breath, you may reflect on what your daily bread was every day over your lifetime.

How did you show up

How did you handle a conflict

How did you offer grace and compassion

Where did you replace worry with peace

Where did you affirm your inherent worthiness over anxiety

Where did you choose love over anger

How many times did you kick ego to the curb and respond from spirit

How many times did you come back to the moment, the daily bread, rather than getting tangled up in possible outcomes or attachment to the future, which you create moment by moment.....

Your daily bread is in feeding your spirit, growing past your mind and letting go, so deeply surrendering to choosing one action over another, over and over and over.

There are countless ways of practicing this, coaches and books and mindfulness techniques. The Internet is inundated with options for you to buy, sign for, join.

But at the end of the day, it's up to you, not the program. It's sitting with yourself to quiet yourself, the reflect and learn from your experiences so far and self audit your way into new ways of fulfilling your daily bread.....

It begins within you.

View life as accepting your inherent worthiness and the rest is just icing and exercise

On your last day on Earth, may you reflect solely on how you practiced the art of becoming more of who you are, one choice at a time through your DAILY BREAD.


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