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High ticket, low ticket, ticket schmicket

Updated: Mar 10

Is it just me or are you also noticing the online coaching space has so much language and sensationalism around pricing. Personally I don't care for the language of $50k days or months....

YES of course I want to make money on demand, and have as much or as little as I CHOOSE! But I don't like the language of the internet around it, especially for startups, it feels too big and unrelateable when you are just starting. Like running a marathon after doing a single 1 km run!

I hedged on writing this blog, still not entirely sure about it, but convo after convo and even one gal on IG with over 100K followers is talking about this.

So my message to you, especially when first starting out (i.e. the first few years), is go at it for you, turn off this noise and get acclimatized to calling in the cash at your current capacity, at your current pricing, at your current uncomfortable level as an entrepreneur.

What we are not hearing in these posts is how much volume does one have to sell to make that kind of money, what are the strategies, why did it work for them and how can we expect it to work on copy/paste? Wouldn't it make more sense to find our own path, with the help of others but suited to who we are? Isn't that "authentic" business?

We also don't know how much went into that return - did it cost $200k to make $50k in one day? Were marriages lost, children neglected, physical ailments from non stop work created?

The mentors and coaches I follow have $50k and up offers to $97 and under offers. Both of which can derive massive revenue. (Hello Walmart, Dollar Store, McDonalds (well back in the day more so for McD's! heh heh). And on the other side, Lamborghini, Gucci, and Hotels priced $50k and up PER NIGHT.

So why not pursue authenticity above all else. Pursue service, connection and impact.

Money is not the indicator of success, it's a side effect.

Success is your impact, success is your legacy, success is the service you provide the sake of providing it without attachment to getting something in return. (What you will "get" will be priceless!).

Someone is WAITING for you to speak and receive from YOU. That's what lasts.

So go deliver on it!

I want to serve, let the money fall where it may but not be the centre of building my authentic, heart based business. It's about the art, the content and the true purpose written in your soul. There is ample access to money, to growth, to business development, but built on a solid foundation that you love from day one, a true foundation.

Personally I'd rather have my services get into hands of those who really want them then worrying about what the revenue is going to be. I also don't want to buy into the culture of these messages. I do love the concept of cash attraction, just not sensationalized.

Price and revenue doesn't have to be negatively associated with quality or result (i.e. expensive means better). I have items from discount stores still in full service to me since the day I bought them.

I just want to give a different perspective to what I'm seeing online and let you stay encouraged in choosing the comfortable discomfort of pricing and owning your value without getting lost in the glamour of revenue.

Money can be made from a penny, your business is yours to design to the income levels that you want while staying in integrity with your values and your offers and your capacity to serve. My preference on pricing is to be completely be transparent and put it out there. When we go into a store, prices are typically listed right there next to the product right! Ordering food, Amazon, Walmart, all of it. So why do we need to re-invent the wheel for an online business?

I am not "selling" to you - I am offering my heart and skills to help you move towards what you want because I know the results I bring forth (clarity, connection, self lead CEO mindset, simple business, strategy, organization, networking, visibility etc). And yes I want to be paid for it, but right now my strategy is to keep all my offers under $1,000! I love my startups and I want my content to be accessible to those starting out, and I want to serve the masses. This pricing point is what feels true to me at this time. And you darn well can bet that I can be a "7 figure earner" with that pricing!

Share back how it feels to read this and let's have a different conversation around pricing on the internet. It's not a competition to out price each other or to "out revenue generate" each other. It's building it for you and helping others do the same.


To go deeper and reveal your higher authenticity, to cut through the noise and build according to YOU, book a Big Love Call with me where we will run through some exercises and connect your heart to your body to your business! ($100/session)

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