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I think you're HOT!

Hi Gorgeous

Do you ever tap into how HOT you are?

Ever look at yourself, or stand a little taller and just vibe on "dang woman! I am a fabulous woman!"??

If not, WHY NOT!?

Please love, allow me to remind you of your powHER!


  • H humble in your gifts of service

  • O obedient to your vision, purpose and HER

  • T talented beyond measure to bring to life the gifts you have to share and the life you desire

Pause for a moment, and reflect on this. Slow down and think, FEEL into WHY you are doing whatever you are doing at this stage of your life.

Truly WHY - is it for money, impact, fun, to create something for yourself, your family?


Is it purely in service based on the gifts you have, regardless of the return it may (or may not) bring you?

This is the detachment piece my love.

In this life long journey, we just want to find ourselves. If we have a heart of service then we want to share that with the world. And if we can make money with it even better! But notice the money is secondary to the purpose, to the sharing of those beautiful gifts YOU have.

When you detach from outcome and come from a place of service, of true service, you're not doing it to get something but you're doing it to offer an impact, to offer a legacy, to offer empowered change... and this changes you as well.

Keeping it simple and focused on this heart frequency frees up your energy as a CEO, as an entrepreneur, as a woman (person), to create what feels good, what works well and what serves both you internally and client facing externally.

Then comes the kicking ass, having a blast, making big sales (or whatever size of sales you want to have!) on your terms.

It's not about whether or not you have a job and this is your "side hustle" or how much money you are or are not making, it's about being the purest version of you more and more of the time, everywhere in everything.

And finding yourself in the calm quiet of your internal world will show you what actions to take and what vibrations to call upon to keep moving forward.

Your evolution is the only way.



I would LOVE for you to join me and the other incredible women in TRINITY before we end the live set and move to an evergreen after Feb 28! This is such a supernatural course coming through me for the new business owners yearning to access their higher self, a low cost high impact journey through the heart, body & business to set the stage for growing from solopreneur to impact maker, feeling confident to welcome clients in, serve, get paid and repeat. We build the foundation from which to thrive, in simple easy steps that come from within you.

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