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It's New Year's Eve - Eve!!

I love the cleanliness of the calendar year turning over, a chapter closure and new beginning coming.


In the middle of winter the hibernating season, I'm feeling an incubation time to grow myself a bit more as part of growing my business. Giving more time and space to explore me and go deeper.


So here's a few tips from me on how to do just that.


1. Get real with yourself, allow quiet time to contemplate, find some journal prompts, music or movement to hear below the surface of yourself. Release judgement and explore, embrace and accept the pieces of yourself and how they fit together to make you whole.


2. Find or create your commUNITY baby!! Your sisterhood will witness you, support you, hold you together when you are tempted to fall apart, and love you more than the entire warmth of the sun, and call you on your shit so you can sort it out !!


3. Lead by example, to yourself and to others. You don't know who is looking at you as inspiration, as a guide post, as a friend. Every interaction, trigger moment is an opportunity to grow yourself. With grace of course. Most of all, be the leader to yourself ⭐🙏❤️


PS Trinity is open, the heart module opened with wild love and power, and next up is body which is already blowing up beyond what I can describe. Trinity is the journey of heart, body and business to grow yourself and your biz and get those first clients while building a business you love from day one to day 50,000! 🥰🎯



"Women like you pave the way for women like me and for that I am grateful"

Sharon Valleau



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