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Of course we believe in you!

While on a recent getaway with some of my closest friends, I experienced new levels of self and receivership. The comment that struck me followed this photograph though.

When I saw the photo I was stunned.

"Wow - you really see me!"

The response: "Of course we do!"

They do not worry or fuss over the how, what or when of my journey. They just see me doing it. They don't question it, PERIOD.

What a beautiful affirmation, reminder and REFLECTION of self from them. It is so special to me as they have known me for decades = there are NO ILLUSIONS among us.

I wasn't doing anything "special," I wasn't "on." We were just thrilled about the luxurious hotel of our last night and taking photos throughout.


And the photo captures that beautifully.





You see, you ALREADY are HER.

You can LET GO of the need, scarcity, doubts that you are not.

Much like your baby self has become your current adult self, the woman you are desiring to be already exists within you.

The way you let her out is by simply trusting and following HER, now.

She isn't some mystical creature you need to chase....

She IS a mystical creature you can release now.

And my suggestions to you for doing so, for practicing her release, her energy, her flow, to appear / exist / come out and play with you are:

  • Spoil yourself in some way that you don't tend to (e.g spa day, leisure reading or Netflixing it instead of business or self growth)

  • DRESS UP, grab a friend and hit a fancy hotel and snap photos!

  • Take yourself to dinner, have a glass of wine and a nice meal, enjoy your own company, contemplate the feeling of being a beautiful woman on a date with herself

  • Choose ONE small action a day that adds to the big picture results of what you say you want, keep it easy:

    • one SM post

    • one 30 min learning video

    • 15 mins journalling to prompts or free style

    • record one video for your offers

    • reach out to a friend or new business relationship(s)

    • make time to experience JOY - unencumbered, light and flowey joy..... (Ok this one is REQUIRED daily!!)

The magic is made in the small moments, the small choices, repeated over time. Much like weight loss doesn't occur after one trip to the gym, but after multiple workouts over time results appear.

You become more and more of your HER in small, daily practices of playing in her energy. She wants you, there is nothing to wait for, let her out NOW!


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