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practicing mindset mastery as a startup

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

There is no liposuction to a successful, robust and EASY business.

There is no "matrix mind plug in" to creating your ever evolving, self aware and God centered self.

There is no shortcut!!


It would likely be for the wrong reasons anyway because mastery cannot be shortened.

I am living and growing through this so I say it with extreme love and understanding.

  • You can't grow a baby overnight

  • You don't lose 20 pounds from one workout

  • You can't go from 5 years old to 45 years old in a week

  • Your garden takes time to come to harvest

  • You can't rush the day (your energy may make it feel that way!), but the sun is up for as long as it's up and same with the moon

  • The tide comes and goes on it's own schedule


What I have learned is that to effectively grow in mastery, you turn focus to paying more attention to yourself and the lessons being delivered to you over and over and over. Small mastery steps, repeated, grow into stronger mastery.

This is why I LOOOVE the analogy of weight loss to business success, because it so tangibly represents one choice at a time adding up to results.

Which is also why I love saying we use our business as the playground for our spirit's fitness, for our self development. Consider your business your gym, a part of your life but not your whole life. However it can bring impact into your whole life.

Your first burpee - ah, awful hate this!!! (hard, uncomfortable, even painful) Your 100th burpee - F-YA! I can do 10 more easy! (easy, fun, repeatable!)

And so is the case with building a business. Babe, as a SOLOpreneur, startup there is an overwhelming amount of shit on the internet directed at SELLING TO YOU in order to convince you that it holds the magic key to all your dreams.

BUT who loses the weight for you? ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT FOR YOURSELF.

You can do it with help, with guidance, with support, but ONLY YOU can create the results.

So who can bring you your first client, your 100th client?



BY practicing self mastery.

And I know that may hurt or be hard to take in, but it's the most empowering MINDSET you can adopt, from day one.

Which is why I am not here to show off, impress or wow you. I don’t want to sell, convince or otherwise state that I have some magic lamp that will set you free or give you an overnight success. No secret KFC recipe reveals, no breakthroughs.

I am not here to sell you on me.

I am here to share and serve under God with what He has gifted me - a servant’s heart and a talent in building others up into who they are while organizing, strategizing and calming the chaos (and making it FUN AF). Which is especially useful for female startups based on my experience…!!!

I am here to share my message and crack open the underdog, the insecure, the startups who are unsure, overwhelmed and tip toeing around.

I am here as a witness and team member to YOU and your business, because two-gether we achieve so much more than on our own.

And I am here to hold you accountable to the dreams and desires and talents you have for the world.

TAKE AUTHORITY OVER WHAT YOU SAY WANT (credit to Katrina Ruth for that gold nugget) AND just PRACTICE acting in that mindset.


You have to build your road to mastery one step at a time and preferably make it as easy as possible so you don't resist, procrastinate and get in your own way.

What works for me is to keep asking:

  1. What can let go of?

  2. How can I make this easier for myself?


With simple steps and practical ideas for integrating into your daily life, that current you can apply to become future you, like:

*a daily ritual for YOU. Not biz, not planning, not outward.


I like to start the morning with coffee and reading followed by journalling. This quiet time soothes me, and sets the tone for the day. Sometimes it doesn't occur until night, that's ok. It's not the when, but the act of having it. 5 mins, 60 mins, the ticket is to take time to be YOU daily.

*body movement.

Anything, just get the moving around. otherwise you get so tight in your head and it restricts creativity, relaxation and adds pressure. Any form of body movement to connect to your whole self throughout the day is awesome.

*time spent dreaming and connecting to your vision

Maybe its in the shower, or while driving, or especially when falling asleep at night (my fave - what better dreams could you request than the ACTUAL ONES from your heart!). Just hang out in the deeper meaning of WHY YOU MUST SERVE to nurture and grow it.

We often apply this to business, but I want you to stretch beyond business. I want this for alllllll of who you are.

Remember - the business is the playground for your spirit's fitness.


This journey isn't about any one individual element, it's about allllll of them (ALL OF YOU) XXXXX


To go deeper with me on developing your spirit, your faith (in yourself) and to build the practice of mindset mastery, join me in powherfull you, a course designed to guide you in exercises and evidence building of what you are capable of in order to train for more of it!! Reach for your "Olympic Gold" with someone who makes it practical, tangible and fun (meaning no fluffy smoke, just real deal, relatable and down to earth truths about what this mindset work stuff is all about!).

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