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The Journey of Entrepreneurial Women: Embracing Life, Faith, and Community

“There is time for everything, but not at the same time”

Mia Frankl

What comes up for you in this quote?

Do you go about your day somewhat frazzled, hazy and reactive to what comes your way?

And think how can I possibly do/carry more?

The "trick" is to actually slow down. When we slow down, we actually expand. Hence, time for everything - BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!

I LOVE YOU - but be honest with me, how many browser tabs do you have open right now? CLOSE all but 3!!! DO IT! How do you feel?? Is your body reacting? What are you missing out on by doing this? How are you self justifying why you MUST keep them open? ;)

We are not running from predators (generally speaking!)

We can allow our nervous system to soften, to calm down and just do one thing at a time.

The go-go-go keeps up reactive, hyper and high strung. Which is depletive.

I am not talking about lazy do-nothing-all day. I am talking about doing one thing at a time, focused, present and seeing it through rather than trying to do multiple things at once.

Example - writing this blog. No other distractions, I am here with YOU, RIGHT NOW. I am looking into your heart, taking deep breaths and reminding us both that nothing is urgently pressing on us right now. We are hanging out, feeding our spirit and exploring new ways to go about the day to day feeling more open and flowey.

Indulge with me through some stories to articulate the HOW of Slowing Down (OH that sounds like a new program haha!)

The Balanced Life: Appreciation and Presence Among Bustling Responsibilities and Dreams

As Grace opened the door to her small bakery, the aroma of freshly baked goods enveloped her senses. She smiled, reminiscing about the journey that led her here.

Grace paused as she opened to the door to her dream come true. She FELT into the work, the money, the commitment to opening the bakery, HER bakery. She didn't hurry in to start the ovens and dough. She didn't rush to the computer to post on IG the new goodies for the day.


Balancing work, family, and personal aspirations can seem overwhelming. And it IS! But you buy into more when you work yourself up into the hustle, rather than stop doing it all at once. PAUSE amidst the "chaos", find solace in the moment right in front of you now, and listen to your spirit for deeper guidance. Let God speak, fill you, hold you. Let your nervous system calm down and your spirit open up!

Women Empowering Women: Building a Supportive Community

The sound of laughter filled the room as Sarah sat down with a cup of coffee, surrounded by her closest friends. They were all equally passionate about their businesses and the community they were building together. In the cozy cafe, Sarah shared her vision with this beautiful group of like-minded women. Together, they brainstormed ideas, offered support, and celebrated each other's successes.

Who do you hang out with, share your heart with, build you dream beside? You need others to expand, you want others to celebrate with, you know that there is more available from a collective than individually. We can relate to the journey, to the tests of self, to the disappointments and successes and we especially understand the desire to make our dream come true.

Find your tribe, just a few will do, of women who will love you, encourage you, help you, connect you others and enjoy growing in life and business with you. This is the secret sauce to sustainable success (like that alliteration?! ha!) Don't know where to find them? Honey you already have - in me and my friends. There is always room for more at our table!

Making Time for Joy: Embracing Fun in the Everyday

Amidst the "hustle and bustle" of daily tasks, Emma took a moment to soak in the beauty of nature during her morning walk. The chirping birds and gentle breeze reminded her to find joy in the simple moments.

As an entrepreneur, Emma understood the importance of incorporating fun and relaxation into her routine. From spontaneous dance breaks to weekend getaways, she made time for activities that nurtured her soul and ignited her creativity. Finding joy in the midst of challenges became her superpower, empowering her to face any obstacle with renewed energy.

What is it all for if you do not enjoy the day to day? This is the "have it all" model of balance..... And the "time for everything but not at the same time" mantra. There is no rush! Don't miss out on life now for the one you are creating. Weave them together, create a business among your life... because your life is more than just your business!

In this shared journey of entrepreneurship, my wish for us is to find strength in our vulnerability, courage in our uncertainties, and joy in our shared triumphs.

We are - after all - creating a powherfull tapestry of perseverance, faith, and community. By listening to our (and each other's!) inner voices, prioritizing joy, and building supportive relationships, we will navigate through challenges with resilience and grace. And keep our eyes on the LIFELONG LEGACY of paving the way for a future where success is NOT defined by achievements but by impact, meaning, connection, presence and expansion created along the way!


Doors open for 1-1 coaching and chaos control! You know my heart, and you know I am the glue that holds your explosive glitter together. Get spiritually anchored, operationally supported and ORGANIZED by working with me 1-1. We will calm your life, your business and reach your next level (order, spaciousness, money, clients, EASE!).

Email me to explore our chemistry and how we can achieve your desires!!! XOXO

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