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There isn't a "one size fits all"

In business you really do need to explore and experiment with what will work for you.

I have not yet found a recipe to copy that brings me the success I've created. Rather, I've learned and grown from going into who I am, how I work and what works for me.

In observing myself, the women I've worked with, and the women I've bought from, I have created a guide, a process in which for you to come to your own methods of organization, heartset / mindset, marketing and content.

While on a call yesterday I opened my heart so big, and saw a method to support a client suited to her needs. Because what works for me doesn't necessarily work for everyone, or even a few, others.

I met her where she needed. With this woman, I'll be setting up Google docs titled marketing, budget, outreach, grants etc and storing them in one folder rather than building out my core four system, for now. Because that's what she needs.

And when we allow our talents and gifts to truly be surrendered and flow, we can serve so much higher. We aren't attached by ego to what we think is best or have achieved ourselves but rather can give that one person exactly what they need!!!

And how beautiful is that!!!! Freeing, open, creative and so loving. And the double bonus is how it serves you back. My intuition, my allowing the Holy Spirit to work thru me, makes me that much more powherfull. And it gets me out of my own way, and the client's way so we can both get our results faster.

How can you shift your perspective and attachment to something you do 1 on 1 just a little, and meet that client with what they need, using your gifts, rather than selling them on what you've created. It's a subtle difference with a big impact!

If you want to go deeper on this and what it means in your business, let's have a Big Love session. A power hour to redesign your heart in service and show up more authentically for your audience.

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