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Want clients to fall from the sky?

Clients really do “fall from the sky” when your energy, your authenticity, your confidence and readiness to receive + serve are DIALED UP.  

It was February 2021, I was freshly back at work after an extended maternity leave and still in full swing of growing my Online Business Manager portfolio. I had been bidding on RFP’s, job postings and other means of fully stepping into the role as an entrepreneur. Bidding on RFPs always gave me the polish and practice needed to stay “fit” - keep my game on and practice my pitch, my custom replies, connecting/reading with the potential client.  

When Theresa collided worlds with me, it was all God. Her RFP had tech issues even just getting out (and a few other challenges) but when I read it, I LOVED how she presented her bid, I loved the instructions and specificity, and I had a blast writing my offer to her.  

She later told me that she had placed me on the FIRST ROW of her tracking spreadsheet and something told her PICK THAT ONE…. Well it was not the first time I had been picked over 10’s of others (upwards of 80 many times, thank you Jesus!) but when searching for a soul client, it means a heck of a lot more. 


It’s affirmation of being in the alignment of service - for self, for others, for purpose. It’s a massively abundant and activating rush of getting closer and closer to the goals you have and gaining the experience to advance them. And it’s a freaking awesome feeling of a match being made and getting to do the thing you so love to do!!! To create that impact, relationship and build what you say you want to build!!! 

And it was so freaking easy because I was in the vibe of it all, ready to “perform,” to show up, to be the MIA I wanted to be.  

There’s no guess work in “where the clients are”! They are just waiting for you to ping them, to call them in, wanting you to be open for business so that you can knock it out of the park when they come ready to buy. So don’t be surprised when it happens, expect it to happen! Isn’t that why you are in business after all?!! 


So start your business the right way, right away - by being true to your purpose, the results you offer and how to serve based on that! And get to your first clients faster while becoming a powherfull CEO at the very beginning, building the foundation to lead yourself and your business!  

Trinity is open and it is coming from a supernatural level through me for YOU. 



ps - watch this clip of Kim Mintenko and I talking about worthiness, deeply grounded and aware worthiiness. Catch the rest of our amazing conversation on the podcast!

We both have powherfull offers for you to fully embody and stand strong on your worthiness, regardless of what happens in life.

Quit the making meaning out of everything and stay fully present in WHO YOU ARE!

Visit Kim's website to learn more about Limitless Leader, her Certified Master Mind Magic Practitioner Signature Program!

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