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Which chair do you choose?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The image of a sitting in a rocking chair has been with me this week as I feel a little "tested" in business, life and finances.

You know the saying... "Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it gets you nowhere" (which appears to be credit of Glen Turner...) and as I searched Google for images to portray the inner feelings of this, I found the following ones...which illustrates my point.



No one is coming to save you, give you a big break or breakthrough,


And you have POWHER and ACCESS to that RIGHT NOW.

No one gave you permission to start walking when you were a baby, you owned your authority to do so outright.

Everything we face is the same as that basic example.

Think of all the BIG GIRL shit you have already done in your life.

Let go of the idea that building your business is any different.

Emotions to the side, to be expressed and released, while the boot camp regime of running a business supports you building actual, threaded together momentum.


My love, what we are going through now is only in the now, it's not what was or what will be.... There is an element of eternity to this, think of how you were once a baby who didn't know how to walk and talk and how unfathomable that is to you now.

The beauty of having been that baby is that you didn't complicate learning to walk and talk. And that's where the eternal blend factors in, we just don't see it sometimes because we are too close, too narrowed in our thoughts, patterns, habits, selves.

I seem better able to sort myself out by talking with someone (a different brain, heart, life experience) to explore philosophical or spiritual concepts and apply them to the current moment; while digging deep to truly test myself on what I know is true for me. I need the back and forth, the pushing and discomfort with someone else, to get out of myself for a moment, look around from up high, and go back in with reflective insight.

There are always more perspectives available and if you can't find it on your own, write me back, open your heart to me and let me look around inside. I am certain I will find insights for you, IF you are open to receiving them.

So which chair will you choose!!!!

The easy way or the hard way!!!

XO, Mia

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