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All I want for Christmas give you awesome free opportunities!


Each day I wake up in awe of the beauty and joy I feel everyday. I recently told my husband that I have an easy and joyous life and I really meant it. I could feel it from deep within.


Something has shifted inside, I have shifted inside.


And I want that for everyone!!!!!


While I am still "recovering" from a scarcity trauma, and some anxieties and you know, the human condition, through it all I am leading myself more, connecting to my body and expanding from deep within the heart. And the more I do this, the more I expand and move away from those old patterns (I mean, I am almost 42, it does take a bit of time to get the momentum going!).


Sharing my space with you elevates all this, ADDS to it, brings more forward and connects us all at that "other side" energy, the eternal source (Ooooh that's a good name for a program! Coming your way in 2024! ha!).


So what do I have for you, for free and full of value this Christmas?!

Other than more love than you can fill Mariana Trench with....

Ways to grow with me include:

My FB & IG Profiles

MT FB Groups:

Women's Circles (FREE monthly event!)

The Collabratory (Where the NEW female biz owner starts!! TONS of action + connection in here!)

MY PROGRAMS!!!!! So many to help you create a business that serves you, so you can serve others! XO

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