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forget solopreneur, lets collabrapreneur!

I'm so over the word solopreneur. I want to build my business with others, not crossing over each other but leveraging a community to help me reach those looking for me while I help them find their tribe as well.

I believe we can build our individual businesses in a collective.

I am a natural connector, I can near guarantee I already know someone that you could benefit from meeting.

So why would I hoard that to myself? And why would you?

Imagine what we can create together, probably faster too, if we share our collective resources in a collabratory? It's a made up word my friend and I co-created to capture the essence of a village of business owners working together on our individual goals.

Collab - collaborate

Bra - women!

Tory - laboratory (mix each others “ingredients” and contacts to create new opportunities)

+ celebratory (share in the joy and success and elevate the rhythm of startup growth)

It's about

  • Sisterhood

  • Friendship

  • Connection

  • Creative support

  • Feedback

  • Comfort

  • Ideas

  • Solutions

  • Beta Testing

  • Lifting each other up

I am in so freaking many FB groups, but at times it just feels like people want to sell to each other or the facilitator / leader is collecting us to sell to. Yes we need that as a business function, but we also could benefit from our own community to let down our guard, and be supported versus supporting.

I want meaningful, heartfelt and especially behind the scenes revealing space. I want to know what keeps you up at night, what your doubts are, as much as what your sunshine power is.

I'm tired of holding it all in, of being lonely and positive all the time. And of pepping myself up yet again….I want to ride the roller coaster with you.

Will you come join me inside the powherfull collabratory?

DM for the link, I want to know you, not just grow another FB group.


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