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I was WRONG about this!

In one of the latest recordings of the startup stories podcast I shared an insight about tracking personal development. (listen to the Carole Gill & the Lori Houze episode where this insight landed).


I have been saying that it is less tangible than something like weight loss, where a visible/hard metric is more obvious. (Although health is not the number on the scale either!!). Or that personal development is less obvious / tangible than a haircut or even re-arranging space.



While growing your internal, truest, next level self may not have visible changes, there are endless internal energetic changes. And some of the coaches I follow have definitely changed their look in their ascension journey as well, so external changes may appear as a result of internal up-levelling ha!!! (side effect warning lol)


What I realized was that I didn't have the words to describe it, the internal transformation. But the energy is there. And when I quieted myself I started to see where I am different.

  • the actions I take

  • the way I make decisions

  • how I catch myself sooner and faster with spitting out words

  • how I recognize and discern between old habits and patterns

  • what I do to regulate my nervous system

  • how my confidence has increased

  • how I have embodied so much of what I was applying and working on!


This is the tangible of personal development -> when you see yourself as you were, see yourself changing, and see the new way new outcomes appear as a result of new choices. You operate from a higher place of awareness and connectedness to what you want, versus what you SAY you want. You start to slow down and check to see if the action is automated, outdated, in line with the values + vision or if it's coming from the old patterns without conscious auditing.




The external results / evidence will appear as... being less nervous on a podcast, meeting for a virtual coffee, introducing a new program, responding to your child in a new way when they, for the 100th time, has done INSERT SAME ANNOYING HABIT here. Showing up for your spouse, yourself, your friends, etc.


You may not notice because it just is, NOW. But take time to reflect back on what was and what is gone.... You know, January we always look AHEAD to what's next, how about giving a little credit to what was so you can see how far you've come too xoxo


I am certain doing so will help you clarify what is next - letting go of and adding more of...!


I would love to hear from you on your transformation journey, what are you now noticing that wasn't there before! Make it real - share it with me!



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