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it's not about me, it's not about you.


It's about US.

If we approach our business, ourselves, our families, others, from a place of detachment and looooove, we can actually open more space and energy for:

  • More money

  • More time

  • More connection

  • More meaning

  • More impact

Rather than try to overcome the noise to attract a tribe, go within to send a beacon of deep alignment.

So when you're out there making your offer, sharing your message, speak into the eyes of the person you're wanting to serve. And only to them. You don't need everyone, you don't need a massive following!

You only need the ones who are so for you it wouldn't make sense for them to work with anyone else. They will increase the signal and bring more forward.

And if some come into your space that you know would be amazing and aligned with someone you know, send them there.

Approach from a place of collective, of togetherness, of circularity versus polarity.

Think of a triangle and sacred geometry

The linear approach is isolating

The sacred geometry approach is connecting

When we connect and allow for each of us to exist in rhythm with each other we make more space for all that each has to offer

When we approach from linear we isolate and compete

You matter as you are, and we alllll matter as we are..... So in creating, desiring and materializing our souls passion, we can access a much deeper and sustainable "outcome" when we consider the collective versus just ourselves and our business.

It's not a competition, it's a collaboration

Because what am I anyway without you, what are we without others, what are others without us

So my loves, purify your spirit, detach from scarcity and sing in harmony with the waves of allllll.

One of my all time fave andagnofied angel numbers, 1111, is the invitation to oneness, we are all one, one love, one vibe, one collective.


Start the convo, I'll take you deeper into your oneness, thru your biz and your soul.

DM or email!


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