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January = Incubation! <and easy action>

Hello My Darling,


How were your holidays? What was the gift you were most excited to give? And which gift or experience did you receive that touched your heart, grew it 3 xs bigger? I would love to hear from your heart.


For me, I was most excited to give my 14 year old her own set of John Frieda Purple Shampoo and for my 5 year old a Melissa & Doug "make a face" sticker pack of princesses / accessorizing (she is a true Fancy Nancy kid!). What was most delightfully surprising was the day on the frozen lake, I was peaceful, so present and so relaxed. I love me some winter.


Did you take a break from the regular routine? I sure did and it was so spacious and yet grounded, completely different and enjoyable in so many new ways to past years.


I did not feel hectic, guilty or worried about my business, about my home, about anything. I simply enjoyed, played, stay connected to my inner work and played in my biz without pressures.... How does that sound to you!!! You know, you don't have to wait until next Christmas (353 days hahaha!) to feel that way. You can start the practice of becoming the woman who can lead herself through a break without becoming derailed now! I know because I am living it.


And as January arrives, I already feel so much stronger, empowered and embodied in my next self and yet I am still easing in. I re-arranged my office, purged some paper, and felt a deeper commitment to slow down and grow myself as I grow my business, my life, versus allow a pressured energy to "work the biz only."


Do you know that "behind" my busy and bustling business, I work full time, have a 5 year old who stays up late, still enjoy my friends and family (I had an INCREDIBLE guilt free day out with besties + kids today - truly magic!), I sleep enough, I exercise, I read for pleasure! I hang with my husband....Point being I live a robust and joyful life around the money making activities. And I am not stressed out, I am not tired, I am not burnt out.


I do the inner work to enjoy the outer rewards.

How does that FEEL to you? How would you like MORE of that running through your nervous system, your heart & your mind?


We get better as we take action towards it. It's that simple, letting go, allowing self to grow, detaching and showing up for the experience.


My coaching program Trinity shows you how to become that woman, that CEO, that uncertain new female business owner who wants to.... but isn't sure what first steps to take. I am in awe of what comes through me in that program, you can't help but feel changed after.


And the best part is when you come into my space, you don't ever leave hahaha!!! Remember that Friends Episode where Monica learns Phoebe tried to cut her out? Well Phoebe doesn't know what she would do without Monica, and sister that's what we are to each other xoxo Gosh I teared up watching that clip to include here for you.


I feel you in my heart, I want you to succeed and I want us to rise together. Are you here for it, really here for it?


Then let's go. I know it can be "hard" to choose the first step, so let me help you do just that xoxo.



Below is what's happening this month! Honestly I set this up before the break, it's all just so easy now!!!


RENEW Circle (Free)

Jan 23, 2024

From Mexico!

2 pm PST


This January, this year, we go deeper. We truly pull from beneath the multi layers of self and smash away with old habits, patterns and bring forth a rebirth, an emergence, a true RISING of new energy, a renewed self.

FREEEE: come be in my energy - REGISTER HERE!


Let me introduce you to Kelly Buckley and Heather McGregor! Two amazing ladies I had the UTMOST pleasure of "panneling" with on my FAVE topic - female empowerment!

Enjoy the snippet and then go for the full listen (17 mins or so!) from the link below.

I highly recommend both of them in your world as they are heart driven leaders!



I ended 2023 with creating a "powherfull directory" - a modern day rolodex for new business owners to pass each other around like a hot potato so we can all find our clients!

Michelle McEwan said "Man, to wake up at 730 am on a SATURDAY to do this with you? I must really love you!" (and she does!)

I want to use this for all of us, so if you want to know more you have to come talk to me, email/call/message, just get to me.2024 is the year of the stage at powherfull inc.

We are all getting on it, together.

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