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Leading by example in abundance and authenticity

I don't have all the answers, but I have such a strong and certain feeling about the creation and existence of what is exploding through me. I am the portal, and I am changing how we do things on the internet. And you are a part of this!

Here's a snippet of what I just experienced and know is so real, as it's being birthed through me right now.

I'm not quite sure how to fully articulate this, but here's my first "in the moment" expression of what just happened. Stay with me as I lay it down.

I had this crazy idea, to really lead this collabrapreneur movement, for all of us. I have a new coaching program -> Trinity, it is an incredible co-creation, between you and me and God! I can't even fully comprehend how the supernatural is moving through me in creating this program (which is what the supernatural is - beyond human understanding! So of course it "exceeds" my understanding!).


And I felt a magnetic pull to a woman across the planet which inspired me, or rather gave me a realized download - invite special guests into this new signature coaching program.


We met on Zoom and shared our hearts and our mission in life, and I wept throughout the whole hour-long call, feeling so connected, feeling so heard, feeling so abundant together.


She didn't say YES, but she didn't say no....and beyond that, the call was so incredibly magical, supernatural, authentic. So so beautiful I'll be weeping all day from the beauty of it.

I don't need to carry the weight of your results on my own.

I'm here to facilitate us coming together to achieve our greatness as a collective.


Trinity features a 3 by 3 by 3 series on Mind, Body and Business with 3 special guests as extra bonus sessions. It is a beautiful unity across our dimensions, to expand our spirits and say YES to the supernatural to work through us. It removes the weight of "self", of pressure, of hustle and shifts us into higher guidance, deeper purpose and fulfillment and sparkly transformation.

We connect to self, get familiar with our body's signals and grow our ability to release and redirect the nervous system and we simplify an dorganize our business so we can fully express our soul..... WOW, hard to fathom this gets to be something I introduce, but it is not mine, it is ours and it will grow with us!!!


Photo of me immediately after the Collab Call (7 am my time!), absolute certainty and beauty!!!

She later reached out to say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS - a full body yes - and expressed deep gratitude for being asked, she felt honoured to be an invited guest and created a pilates workout just for us. She and the other 2 guests receive payouts every time one of you enter the Trinity Portal - I am here for WE, not me! OX

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