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am i not enough....??

What is the deal with that feeling, that question, belief and lack of self-worth?

When and where in life do you think this starts to surface?

What causes us to move away from that beautiful feeling of wholeness, of love, of pure consciousness that we first experience in the womb. The moment where we become a zygote, a divine living entity, pure and "perfect" -> the moment that an egg and sperm connect to create us.

Lean in , my female friends, my women entrepreneurs.

Here we are ready to fully express ourselves and embody the desires of our heart and take action towards our dreams, by pursuing a business, a sense of self and purpose.

We get some leads, book some calls, and then the leads lead to nothing...

Posts and emails don't bring in sales, weeks go by and we feel unheard, unseen, unvalued. More reasons to feel not enough pile up and provide confirmation bias.

But long before that, maybe in the preteen to teen years, the stickiness of the world starts to come, starts to cast shadow on our sense of individuality, on our sense of uniqueness and beauty.

And somewhere in that time perhaps we let doubt take over. We let fear grow.

We give over the light to the darkness...

In a recent conversation I was having with a beautiful soul, a dear friend, we talked about how it's easier to be evil than good. Because evil is lazy. Evil is the same. Evil doesn't require a lot of effort, in fact it requires the opposite. And to be good requires us to stay aware, to be watching ourselves, to shift habits and choose thoughts and words very intentionally, to take actions very intentionally, it is work. And it is certainly more work than "being" evil.

And I think this is part of that worthiness wound, the I am not enough, is that we believe that somehow an external circumstance validates our internal frequency. If you've been in the self-development space for a while you'll easily see that's not the case at all - that is all comes from within, from a decision on self.

But to do the work day in day out especially when you're starting a new business which will test every ounce of who you think you are, it is such a critical piece to spend time on, spend time on yourself, as you grow and strengthen your fitness to overcome something that never existed in your consciousness when you were created in the womb. To clear out the stickiness that has collected, and not "just for the sake of the business" but for the sake of your soul, your spirit, your pure self.

Honestly sometimes this whole stuff just irks me to the nth degree, like seriously!!



SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are such incredible powerful highly productive women, why are we beating ourselves up?? Why are giving away our worth for free to the people / circumstances that have nothing to do with it? That's giving in to the evil energies....!!!! Letting the devil win over you!!!!

This is a learned behavior, one that again never existed in us when we were made. It is a construct of insecurity that we latch on to ferociously!! WHY! (Seriously - share your thoughts, feelings with me on this! because in that conversation we can unpack it and smash it to bits and our insights will create shifts in others too!).

Now let's dig even deeper.

Go look in the mirror and repeat over and over and over at yourself:

I am not enough I am not enough I'll never be good enough

and maybe like me you'll start to just laugh hysterically at the outrageousness of this!!!

What do you mean I'm not enough!?

Not enough for who?

Not enough for what?

What IS enough?

Who is enough?

What does "enough" even mean?!!!

Would it be hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales per month in your online business? Will that make you enough?

Will it be having a perfectly clean house and a perfectly balanced diet and not a trace of cellulite or a fat roll on your body?

What would you need to fill the Grand Canyon, the Mariana Trench of "you're not enoughness?"


Somewhere we bought into a lie, a lazy, a distraction and it got easy cuz we got lazy, we let the evil push aside the good, but honestly I'm so tired of it and I think you are too.

We're not sniffling and crying cuz we scraped our knee!!!!


So my sisters, HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW do we heal this worthiness wound?

HOWWWWWWWWW do we own our worthiness like the superpower that it is?

With the decision to start and the community to do it in/with.

In a community where you can't get away with the bullshit that you tell yourself, and you're surrounded by others who are on that same journey as you so you have accountability. Once you start the enoughness journey YOU DONT GET OFF!!! You may falter, but we take up the space behind you, no going back baby!! xoxoxo

We're going to cheer each other on, we're going to prove to each other and to ourselves that we are worthy and we are more than enough right now as it is and we're going to own the snot out of it and take on the world in whatever form that means to us!!!

I don't have aspirations of a multimillion dollar company, I have aspirations of creating an impact to helping women set themselves free from the "not enoughness" and be the example to ourselves and to the next generation because we owe it to them and to us.

This is one of those things that just has to change, has to stop and it stops now. Then whatever not enoughness you think you might be, sister there is somebody out there with has a far sadder story than you do and I bet you they believe in there enoughness as a result of it.

So in closing my love, and ever so lovingly, ITS TIME TO GET OVER YOURSELF TO BECOME YOURSELF.

Use your business as the playground for your soul but don't define your soul by whatever performance your business has or has not.


POWHERFULL INC is the THE place where we balance Heart, Body & Business but above all that, it's where we grow ourselves to be confident, clear and serve on the impact we were designed for! Jump into The Collabratory and come be enough with us!


Current Offer: The Big Love Call is an approximately 2-hour session where we focus on eight core areas of life and audit ourselves on them and then pick two or three of them to grow in.

We can't do it all, all the time so we're going to focus on a few things and push some light into it and clear out that evil, and give you a little powerful infused boost of new energy, fresh perspective and definitely some homework because application is key. Then you're going to jump into my community and we're going to continue to grow there together. Book your call with me using this link limited spots per week cuz you know I work full time lol and I run a podcast etc. I love you sister, see you on the call xoxo

Book some Big Love now xo

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