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Marketing for quality not quantity

Is marketing starting to feel like a bad word?

Are you overwhelmed by the barrage of information and offers online on how to win at marketing?

Does this feel like another kitschy pitch at selling you something about marketing successfully?


It’s just about reminding you to turn off the outside noise, forget the rules and really think about what and how you want to share your message.


Because that’s what feels the most authentic and easy for me to produce shit to slap online, daily. I was so tangled up in “how to market” I lost sight of my greatest gift - meaningful connection with others. Talking to you, like friends, over coffee (or wine). Just showing up and writing from the heart, or sharing a tip, or promoting something I am absolutely in love with (that I made just for you). When I was trying to do it the way the others were telling me was the ONE THING I needed, I was not speaking from myself, I was trying to follow someone else’s recipe.

Sure I learned some stuff, but it took a while and I imagine you may be feeling some of that too. So welcome to the club. Now set yourself free.

You will either feel me in this, or not. Cool babe! I am not here to promise you a secret sauce recipe, a magic trick or eureka moment. I am just another biz owner wanting to serve and support female startups to make the “get going” PART easier.

Rather than tell you what to do, I want you to lead yourself and create your platform, your foundation, your inventory from which to go and tell those waiting for you what you have for them!!!

You are responsible for your own results.

I am here to help you get them, not get them for you.

But what I am here for is to provide you with support and clarity to see outside of yourself, to declutter and KEEP IT FUCKING SIMPLE SEXY for you, my BADASS powherfull GODDESS.

Level up - your way!

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